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 What is the difference between ERP and CRM?                     

There are different definitions and understandings about the difference between ERP and CRM. Our definition is that CRM is a system mainly used to optimise customer relationship management workflows and manage sales opportunities. On the other hand, ERP, is composed of a series of functional modules that can manage a company's full operation workflow such as, sales, purchases, inventory, project management, human resources, accounting, manufacturing, etc. ERP serves as a multi-functional tool that helps the operation and management of the entire enterprise.

W+ ERP is a cloud-based ERP system. The main goal of W+ ERP is to digitalise and automate business processes, by making technology simple and smart. We implement a one-stop system to help companies to manage customers, sales, purchases, inventory, marketing, accounting , and other relevant operational functionalities. We believe that simplifying workflows and possessing real time reports and data can hugely improve operational efficiency and increase company's income.

 What are W+ ERP's advantages?
  1. By using cloud-based platform, we offer implementation and system costs. As such, we are able to offer a flexible system where you can select the modules you only need, with flexible costs and plans.

  2. We have comprehensive and encrypted data security management for our customers, which means even our own developers can't access without authorisation.

  3. We offer comprehensive functions that are fully integrated in one system, so you don't need to use different programs / apps with different functions to conduct your daily business.

  4. High mobility, users can enter W+ ERP system with any device that can access the Internet. 

  5. Unlimited integration. W+ ERP is designed to integrate with many existing third part applications or programs, offering a flexible and easy data transfer process. 

  6. User-friendly user interface, offering a modern and simplistic design with over 30 languages support.

 How flexible is W+ ERP?

Based on our experience, there is no such thing as "ready-made" compete solution for different industries. However, we are able to provide a customised system that can fully fulfil customers' requirements based on their operational processes.

 Does W+ ERP need a special equipment to install? 

No special equipment is required, you can access W+ ERP through any computer, tablet or mobile phone that supports HTML 5 browser.

 When can I start to use W+ ERP?

As our system offers different types of pricing and services, if you purchase our W+ ERP lite, upon purchase you will be provided with a system within 48 hours. For projects which have implementation and development needs, upon consultation with our team, the timing of project delivery will be based on the extend of the requirements.

W+ ERP  lite  vs  W+ ERP   Pro

 How many product / system types do you have?

We offer two types:                         

  1. W+ ERP lite: This is our standard online subscription system, where upon purchase you will be provided with a system within 48 hours, and thereafter you may learn to use the systems through our online tutorial videos. This product is suitable for companies who are just starting to use systems, or those who don't have any complicated functionalities or requirements for their system. The limitation of  W+ ERP lite is that since it is a standard system, if you request for customised functions later on, you will have to upgrade to W+ ERP Pro.

  2. W+ ERP Pro: It is recommended for companies that need a fully customised system. You will get a consultation with our team to discuss about the requirements. And it can be used with our Success Pack.

  How can I purchase W+ ERP lite

You may go to "Subscribe W+ ERP lite"  tab on your website, thereafter select the modules and the number of users you need. Follow the instructions and upon your payment, you will receive instructions on how to proceed next. You will be able to receive your very own ERP system ready to use within 48 hours!

  Do I need to purchase the module packages on the W+ ERP lite? What are they? 

The answer is no. The packages on the W+ ERP lite pages, are packages we put together based on our experience of modules that are commonly used by different industries, it is for the convenience for you to choose from. However, if you would like to choose your own modules, you may just tick the DIY function and select the modules you need. You many also select a package and thereafter additional tick extra modules you would like to add on top of the package you have selected. 

  When I select W+ ERP lite, do I need to purchase other services, packages, or success packs?

Since W+ ERP lite is a simple subscription for the functions and usage through our video tutorials, if you wish to have other services, such as telephone support (where we can log in and have access to your database to find our the problems). At the bottom of W+ ERP subscription website you can select our "Support & Implementation Services" for support services. If customisation or service support is needed, we will suggest you to contact our team to assist you, as customisations might not be applicable for W+ ERP lite databases.

W+ ERP  lite support & implementation guideline download


 Why is it when I selected some modules, other modules will automatically be selected too?                       

Since the core strength of our system is to automate operation process, some functional modules must be used in conjunction with others to be enable the automated process. So, when another module is automatically selected when you select your desire ones, it means these must work in conjunction.

 Do I have to purchase all modules of the system?
No, W+ ERP is comprised of modular functions, enabling you to flexibly select your functional needs based on the operational needs at different stages of your business.

 What modules are included in the system?
The modules available in the system covers most of the functionalities used by most companies for their daily operation: CRM, sales management, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, accounting, human resources, website design, e-commerce, email marketing, etc.

 Why is it that I purchased some modules, but when I get my system, I do not see the module?                     
As some of the modules' actual functionalities are integrated across other modules, such as the Invoicing module is actually integrated and utilised in Sales, Accounting, Purchase, so even though you purchased it, you might not see the actual module appear.

Success Packs

 How do Success Packs work? What is included in the service?                     
Success Packs are pre-paid services based on hourly work conducted. You can purchase different success packs with different hours of services included. 

For example, you purchased a 40 hours service pack, whenever you have any services you require such as, queries, request of training, data import, customisation or development of functions/ layouts, you may send us your request. Upon receiving your request, we will advise how many hours of service we will need for those requests, and when you agree we will deduct it from your available hours. The remaining hours will be there for you to use the next time you have any service required.

Success Packs are valid for on your from your day of purchase.                                             

 How do I use your Success Packs?                     

Success Packs are suitable for those who might have a strict budget on their systems, or those who don't yet have a clear idea of the functions or requirements for their systems.

As Success Pack are pre-paid service packs, it allows you to select the package which suits your budget. It also allows your to find out what your needs are for your system while you are using it, and bring them up with us to implement and enhance your system when you need to. Since Success Packs might involve development of functions, it's not suitable to be used with W+ ERP lite.


 How are the reports displayed?                                                                       
The system generates reports based on all data within the system. With just a click, reports are displayed in graphical charts or pivot tables. Reports can be adjusted in real time based on different subjects, categories and filters. Reports can also be exported in excel files.

 How does the system look like? Can I try it for free?

Our system is easy to use and intuitive, you can try our online demo for free by clicking the "Trial" tab on our website. Data on this trial system is deleted on a regular basis, so any data you enter will not be retained or saved.                         

 Is there any geographic restriction? 

Our cloud-based system can be implemented and configured to many different could service providers. So regardless of what country you are in, you can log in anytime to use the system.

 Why do I need to integrate with other systems?

If you have existing third party programs or applications your are using and wish to continue using it, our W+ ERP system is already equipped with ready API connectors to integrate with most third party programs, convenient for you to continue using your existing programs while integrating into W+ ERP system, to achieve automation of your operation, skipping the manual re-entry of data.

 How long do I have to wait to get a response for any enquiries related to W+ ERP lite?

Normal and general inquiries about system usage and functions you will get a response within 48 working hours.